He was born in Manisa Alaşehir in 11.11.1953. He completed his elementary and high school education in Alaşehir. After graduating from İmralı (Gökçeada) Teacher School in 1971, he enrolled in Art Department of Gazi Education Institute. He graduated from there in 1974. After 1 year of art teaching, he was assigned as art expert in TRT Ankara Television. When he was sent to Hamburg for an animation course in Hamburg, he became one of the first animators of Turkey. His cartoons and intros were aired in TRT. He was rewarded with Cartoon Animation Success Award by Ministry of Culture in 1986.

He created book covers, posters and brochures. He was awarded in photography and comic categories. Starting from 1985, he focused his work on tughra and calligraphy. He practiced gilding with Ömer Faruk Atabek and calligraphy with Fuat Başar and A.Zeki Yavaş. He continues his calligraphy works with Hüseyin Öksüz. He opened his first exhibit in 1987 in Ankara on Ottoman Sultans Tughras. His first international exhibit was in Kuwait in 1991. His tughras specifically created for Emir of Kuwait and Sabah Family were well received.

Later he opened exhibits in Azerbaijan, Germany(Berlin, Hamburg, Nünberg and Münich), Austria(Vienna), Italy(Napoli), Umman(Muscat), Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia(Jakarta), USA(Chicago, L.A., New York, Texas), Australia(Canberra), Sweden(Stockholm), Saudi Arabia(Riyadh), Syria(Aleppo, Damascus), China(Beijing), Singapore, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan.

His works found place in special and state collections. He created tughras for head of states visiting Turkey. He created tughras for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Emir of Kuwait, King of Malaysia, President Megavati of Indonesia, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, President Aslan Abaşidzade of Acara, President of the USA Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey Abdullah Gül, İhsan Doğramacı, Kadir Has and many ministers.

He continues his work on calligraphy and tughra on silk in his workshop in Ankara.

He revived applying calligraphy on pearl, whose examples can be seen in Ağa Han Collection. He creates different applications of such work.